ISEE Hospital for different purposes

ISEE is not only used in scenario's such as traige, overcrowding and learing skills one on one, but the tool is also used for training an entire Region on 'the injured distribution plan'.


ISEE Hospital

ISEE Hospital Online is a simulation application developed for practicing the logistical aspects of disaster management in hospitals.

The simulator allows you to easily develop training scenarios that are fully tailored to your own environment with your own departments, personnel, equipment and patients.

You can find more information on this website or download the ISEE Hospital Brochure by clicking here.


  • Realistic representation of departments, personnel, equipment and patients.
  • Easily create multiple training scenarios.
  • Ability to train multidisciplinary.
  • Practice unlimited.
  • Always available on the Internet.

Try it?

Want to know if the use of ISEE Hosptial Online is suitable for your training? We have test accounts available so you can see with your own eyes how our simulation works. Of course you can also make an appointment for an advisory or a demonstration. We can then, together with you, discuss how ISEE Hospital can help you achieve your training goals effectively.

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