About ISEE Hospital

ISEE Hospital simulation software is specially designed for the training of disaster response in hospitals. ISEE concentrates mainly on the training and education of logistics and triage during extreme situations. In addition, ISEE Hospital can be used to test new or changed logistic processes (such as evacuation procedures).

The ISEE simulator has a flexible structure allowing adjustments in departments, personnel, equipment and patients to be easily achieved. In the scenario module, you can easily build your own scenarios based on departments, personnel, materials and patients. Scenarios can be used both individual and multidisciplinary.

ISEE modules

Building Block Module
This module contains all the building blocks that allow you to configure the ISEE simulator and adapt to local conditions. You can create and adjust departments, configure personnel and materials, and you have access to a large patient profile database from which you can select and configure patients.

Scenario Module
In the scenario module you build your own scenarios. During the building of the scenarios you can use the building blocks that you configured in the building block module.

Training Module
With this module it is possible to practice a pre-assembled scenario. Moreover, the module stores all decisions and actions during training in order to provide detailed feedback to the students through the application interface while playing.

About ISEE Hospital About ISEE Hospital About ISEE Hospital


  • Realistic representation of departments, personnel, equipment and patients.
  • Easily create multiple training scenarios.
  • Ability to train multidisciplinary.
  • Practice unlimited.
  • Always available on the Internet.

Try it ?

Want to know if the use of ISEE Hospital Onlineis suitable for your training? We have test accounts available so you can see with your own eyes how our simulation work. Of course you can also make an appointment for an advisory or a demonstration. We can then, together with you, discuss how ISEE Hospital can help you achieve your training goals effectively.

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Advantages of training with ISEE Hospital Online

  • Realistic representation of departments, personnel, equipment and patients.
    In the ISEE simulator, realistic configurations of hospitals can be created and easily adapted.
  • Participants are the key decision makers.
    The participants manages the part of the chain for which they are responsible and implement their decisions in the simulator. The simulator then calculates the consequences of the decisions by showing the consequences.
  • Unlimited practice anytime and anywhere via the Internet (online).
    When the configuration of your hospital is created, it can be repeatedly used for the training of (other) students or more students per exercise. Consequences of actions are automatically calculated.
  • Service and support.
    The user interface can be provided in any language. ISEE provides support for installation and offers training and support (e.g., scenario development and coaching instructors) so the implementation of ISEE in your organization will run smoothly.

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